Installing present4D BETA on the Oculus Quest.

            Work in progress

            While the present4D app for Oculus Quest is still in development it cannot be directly installed from the Oculus Quest store. However, it is possible to install a fully functional Beta version by using a program called Sidequest. Here's how.

            Here you find a Video explanation:

            Step-by-Step Workflow

            The required materials: 

            - Your Oculus Quest
            - A PC running Windows, Linux or a Mac-computer
            - A USB-C to USB cable. (Note: The cable included in your Oculus Quest purchase will not work, as it is USB-C to USB-C, unless your PC comes with a USB-C port)

            Step 1: Enable Oculus Developer Account

            - In your browser, navigate to
            - Log in using your Oculus account
            - Click on 'Create New Organisation'
            - Enter a name for your organization
            - Click on 'Submit' and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

            Step 2: Download and install ADB Drivers

            (Mac/Linux users can skip this step completely and move to step 3)
            - Agree to the Terms and click 'Download'
            - Extract the downloaded files where you want the drivers to be located, using a program like WinRar or 7Zip
            - Open the extracted folder and navigate to the file 'android_winusb.inf'
            - Right-click the file and select 'Install'
            - After installation is finished, restart your PC

            Step 3: Activate Developer Mode

            - Ensure your Oculus Quest is turned on, and on the same WiFi-Network as your mobile phone
            - Open the Oculus App on your mobile phone
            - Navigate to the Settings tab, and click on 'Oculus Quest [unique serial number]'
            - In the dropdown menu, click on 'More Settings'
            - Click on 'Developer Mode', then ensure it is turned on

            Step 4: Connect the Oculus Quest to your PC

            - Connect the Oculus Quest to your PC via the USB-C to USB cable
            - If you are connecting for the first time, a pop-up will appear in your Oculus Quest. Put on the headset, select 'Always allow for this computer' and press 'OK'

            Step 5: Download and install SideQuest

            - In your browser, navigate to Download the latest version of SideQuest from the releases.

            Mac: SideQuest-[version]
            Linux: SideQuest-[version].dmg or SideQuest-[version].tar.xz
            Windows: SideQuest-Setup-[version]-x64-win.exe
            - Install SideQuest to your PC or Mac
            - Once installed, open SideQuest

            Step 6: Installing present4D to your Oculus Quest

            - Download the present4D .apk file
            - Ensure your Oculus Quest is connected to SideQuest. A successfull connection is marked by a green circle marked 'Connected' at the top of the SideQuest window.
            - Navigate to the 'My Apps' tab
            - Locate the present4D .apk file and drag it into SideQuest, then wait for the app to finish installing

            Step 7: Open the present4D app in your Oculus Quest

            - Put on the headset
            - Navigate to 'Library'
            - You will find the app located under 'Unknown Sources'
            - Open the 'present4D' app

            Updated: 27 Sep 2019 05:12 PM
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