Where can i enter the License Key?

Where can i enter the License Key?

The License Key can be entered using the Key symbol in the Project Portal directly after launching present4D.
  1. Why can´t i see the Project Portal?
  2. Why can´t i see all icons in the Project Portal?

Wo kann ich den Lizenzschlüssel eingeben?

Der Lizenzschlüssel kann direkt nach dem Start von present4D im Projekt Portal mit der Schlüssel-Symbol Taste eingegeben werden.

¿Dónde puedo introducir la clave de licencia?

La clave de licencia puede ser introducida directamente después de iniciar present4D en el portal del proyecto con la clave de símbolo de clave. 

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      In order for a customer to see your presentations, the VR-Suite must be downloaded and the customer needs a portal key to view your projects in the project portal. Your license key for different projects remains unaffected, so that you can provide ...
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      Something is wrong. Please check your Portal Key xxx-xxx and try again. Maybe you have copied the 32 digit License Key or the License Name instead of the Portal Key? Customer does not exist - Warnung im Projekt Portal Etwas stimmt nicht. Bitte ...
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      If you have embedded a new Logo but in your Project Portal the old one is displayed. Please enter again your Portal Key. Related links: https://userguide.present4d.com/en/installation-licensing.html#id4 ...
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      1) Upload your Project to the Cloud Server User Guide: https://userguide.present4d.com/en/distribute-and-share.html#share-via-cloud 2) Share the download link to present4D VR-Suite: Download: https://present4d.com/en/download-form/ 3) Share your ...
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      Yes. Please contact us. With every new Full License purchase you can choose if you would like to use a new License Key or if you want to enable 2 more devices at your current License. Ist es möglich, den Editor-Modus auf mehr als 2 Computern ...