Edit Symbol for 3D rotateable Objects

Edit Symbol for 3D rotateable Objects

The symbol can not be changed via the interface yet.


After starting the editor mode, the new symbol will not be displayed anymore until the editor mode has been stopped and the location has been entered again.
In play mode no bugs are known.

1. Add Custom Icons to a Project

2. Change the Icon manually in the media.xml file

a) Find the entry for the icon in the media.xml:
    <icon name="3d-objects" path="icons/icon-3D-Objects.png" />
    <icon name="Symbol-i" path="icons/Symbol-i.png" />
    <icon name="Symbol-Video" path="icons/Symbol-Video.png" />

b) Copy the name of your Icon (not the path) - for example "3d-objects"

c) Paste it inside your location tag at the HotSpot tag -->  icon="":

    <hotspot text="My 3D Object" scaleH="1.0" distanceH="8.0" pan="62.2359" tilt="-26.3593483" tourHotspot="false" color="" icon="3d-objects" visibility="visible" iconType="auto" spotID="258">
      <rotatable3DObject distance="2" lookRadius="15" tiltRadius="15" rotationSpeed="0.15" closeRadius="40" modelIndex="4" modelURL="1_6/3D FARO Scan/radlader_66.obj" shader="0" scale="0.0018" allowXRotation="true" allowYRotation="true" allowZRotation="false" posX="1.5" posY="-1.5" posZ="0.0" rotX="-90.0" rotY="0.0" rotZ="0.0" />

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